Versatile Sensor Types

The networked AKCP sensorProbeX+ (SPX+)  is one of the latest devices in the proven sensorProbe family. The new sensorProbeX+ is available from the official AKCP supplier Didactum in various configurations. You can customize your own sensorProbeX+ remote monitor. Chosse from modules such as dry inputs, I / O modules, internal GSM modem and additional sensor modules for AKCP`s SNMP capable sensors.

Equip your SNMP based sensorProbeX+ monitoring unit with individual sensors. The AKCP dealer Didactum offers the entire sensor portfolio of the manufacturer AKCP.  Overvoltage and power failure can be detected by the sensorProbeX + and reported immediately. With the optional GSM modem you will receive an SMS notification directly to your smartphone. Protect your critical infrastructure with environmental and security sensors. Power & current sensors are also available for the sensorProbeX+ rack monitoring unit. Protect your cabinets and IT racks with proven Thermal Map sensors from critical temperature and humidity.

The access to the rack can also be controlled by the IP-based sensorProbeX+ (SPX+) monitoring unit. To do this, simply connect the RFID Swing Handle Lock to the sensorProbeX+ device. Protect your valuable data from theft.

With every sensorProbeX+ monitoring device you get the free  copy of AKCPro / AKCessPro Server software. AKCPro / AKCessPro Server is a proven solution to manage your server room or data center. It combines Environmental Monitoring, Security Monitoring, Power Monitoring, Access Control and Video Monitoring in one powerful software solution.