Versatile Sensor Types

Manufacturer AKCess Pro offers a wide selection of AKCP sensors for the networked sensorProbe monitoring device.

Choose your individual sensor to measure important environmental conditions in your important infrastructure: 

  • Temperature
  • Humidity (rH)
  • Air Flow
  • Water leakage
  • Smoke Detector
  • Gas Detector
  • Oil & Fuel Leakage Sensors

Monitor and control the security of your sensible infrastructure with sensors like: 

  • PIR Motion Detectors
  • Magnetic Door Contact / Security Sensors
  • Glass Break Detectors
  • Alarm Sirens with Strobe Lights

Measure and control power and voltage with AKCP sensors such as: 

  • AC Voltage Sensor
  • DC Voltage Sensor
  • Analog to digital Converter Sensors
  • Dry Contact Sensors
  • Sensor Controlled Relay  (AC-/DC- Relays)

Connect 2 sensors to sensorProbe2, up to 4 to sensorProbe4 and up to 8 to sensorProbe8

Connect up to two sensors to AKCP sensorProbe2. The sensorProbe4 monitor supports up to four sensors, and the sensorProbe8 device up to eight sensors. Each intelligent sensor is automatically recognized by web-enabled sensorProbe remote measurement unit thanks to AKCP`s proven auto-detection feature.

The sensorProbe offers user configurable sensor thresholds so you can define individual temp or humidity warning and alert states. Special features in sensorProbe`s webGUI eliminate possible false alerts.

Integrated data logger and sensor graphing functions

AKCP`s reliable sensorProbe monitor offers standalone operation paired with integrated data logging and sensor graphing features. The collected measurement data of important environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and air flow are important for reports, checklists, and audits.

Notifications and alerts

All sensorProbe units can send notifications and alarms via E-Mail and SMS (via 3rd Party e-Mail to SMS Gateway). This remote monitoring unit can turn on sirens or even switch sensor-controlled relays.

Get informed at an early stage in case of critical humidity, too low / too high temperature, water leakage, airflow, fire, etc. Do not lose valuable time if catastrophic events or disaster occur in your mission-critical infrastructure.

SNMP support of sensorProbe remote monitoring unit

The sensorProbe device is full SNMP v1 compatible. SNMP MIB files and plugins for Nagios Monitoring Software are included on CD. This remote monitoring and measurement device supports SNMP Trap notifications to Network Management Systems (NMS) and SNMP Tools. SNMP polling is supported by sensorProbe to allow sensor values to be collected and graphed over TCP/IP network or Internet.

Use SNMP commands for remote switching of connected relays to take quick actions and responses in remote base stations. With AKCP`s proven sensorProbe device you receive a versatile IP-based remote monitoring solution.

Buy AKCP sensorProbe

You can directly order your network enabled sensorProbe device and the intelligent sensors in Didactum`s Online Store here.